Automatic Parking Solution – MagicLane

Automatic Parking Solution – MagicLane

Automatic Parking Solution by magic – MagicLane.

automatic parking solution my by professional integrator for premium parking lot .

MagicLane- the best solution for parking lot .

World wide distribution – distributors wanted 

for more details info and quotation press on the icon or send SMS/ Whatsapp to +972558851761

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what is the the MagicLane ?

MagicLane is professional system for parking lot .

the solution contain management software and several options :


management software – MagicLane :

local software with cloud support :

payment getaway with EMV secured approval 

several option of payment or free pass generated by printing labels or sending qr/bar code 

to mobile phones 

grace time 0-9999 min 

payment by min/hours/days 

payment in different price for different subscriptions – pre-pay or post-pay .

dashboard with reports and logs from system .

online calculating and presenting number of free parking spaces 

for more details about our MagicLane software pls press here .


ANPR subscription :

using IP camera to open gate for subscription and validate in and out cars 

for more details about our ANPR system pls press here .


Ticket dispenser for random clients :

generating ticket with barcod for random clients 

for more details about our ticket dispencer and check in stand pls press here .


mobile phone Barcod / Qr code subscription :

using barcod or QR code to open gate

system generate code for one time use or daily/weekly/monthly use. 


RF ID tag / UHF tag subscription :

guest and subscription can enter by showing the tag at entrance or checkout .


payment getaway with credit card :

payment credit card via Tranzila, Nayax and other payment getaways .

for more detail about payment getaway pls press here 

on wall kiosk for payment :

on wall coins and credit card payment 

for more parking solutions pls press here 

pls see the following video for more details :

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