MagicLane – payment gateway.

MagicLane – payment gateway.

MagicLane – payment gateway.

MagicLane – payment gateway for parking lot with credit card billing .


Magic lane -the most flexible parking lot management software

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system structher :


Payment gateway – local and third party payment 

our system contain local payment getaway credit card payment reader 

which connects to multiple credit card vandure in order to transmit 

the credit card companies accounting to each country arrangements .

our system contain default interface to Tranzila which work world wide .

client enter his credit card once the amount is presented at the check out monitor .

the credit card and transaction are secured and work in EMV standart 

which is the highest security standart available for parking lot .

Nayax gateway and other third party billing platforms 

MagicLane contains an open API to connect to third party billing 

platform very easily . 

the credit card and transaction are been sent to the third party device 

or website and send back replay whether the credit card has been charged or not .

the system will print payment receipt and open the gate once the voucher has 

been paid.

Parking receipt and accounting 

Magiclane do not mange any accounting files .the system will get from the billing company 

the details for receipt and print it on the check out printer . 

any records of transaction and billing history will be shown on the billing company 

website . 

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